EskaBlack Xtra three-layer board consisting of an inner layer made from 100% recycled fibres with deep black and glossed liners on both sides: recycled fibre content at least 70% available in calipers from 1.25 - 1.75 mm

Best lay flat, stay flat properties

The use of in-house produced grey lining paper, optimal control over the production process and the right moisture content make Eskaboard score best on lay flat, stay flat properties; Eskaboard is flat and remains flat after being converted. Eskaboard will show superior performance on your production machines, resulting in good quality end products and satisfied customers.

  • up to 1.75 mm
  • made with recycled fibres
  • high yield
  • high rigidity
  • lay flat, stay flat


  • Made of 100% recovered paper


  • Umweltzeichen (Blaue Engel)
  • Foodstuffs and Consumer Goods Act
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • DIN EN 71, part 3 (safety and toys)
  • FSC® recycled (CU-COC-809179)
  • PEFC™ recycled (CU-PEFC-809179)

Technical Specs

Substance Grammage (gsm) indicative
1.25 mm / 0.050” 880
1.50 mm / 0.060” 1015
1.75 mm / 0.070” 1190